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Non ricordo chi e non ricordo dove aveva chiesto come facessi a prendere appunti in sessione. Copio incollo qui esattamente cosa ho scritto durante la prima sessione di Fantasy World - Ulisse 31

Hellenic Space Opera

Pathfinders, already roaming from a long time
Unlikely Heroes
A dark influence, ether nomads looking or a new home-disk

World = galaxy
Disc = planet → individual rotating light/sun
Ether = space

Their home-disk was destroyed, most are enslaved or nomads. This one group, and a bunch of other survivors, is “sailing” to find a new home.

Sisiphos Fighter Kin-Farmer- slave leader, had the idea of the quest, his heart was full of FEAR of failure, that there is no home to find.
spear, stolen from some powerful imperium guy, he killed the owner and it changed him as it was his first kill; he was a tame farmer before, and now he is harder and more violent
Issue - find the right leader
Doubt - what if I choose wrong?

Kore Bard Kin-Eliconie - slave performer fled from her past, her heart was full of ANGER for her enslavers
craft - dance
item - worn bells and tamburine
Issue - i would like to trust people agan
Doubt - fear of being (ab)used again

Androkos Cleric Kin-Beaurocrat - half-blood born free but with identity issues and an interest in his heritage, his heart was full of DRIVE to do something meaningful
concept - balance
symbol - half blue / half red square with a central “golden” line
name - the golden line
icon - a ring of priesthood
Issue - to prove myself through hardship
Doubt - will I become someone else?

Brasìda Paladin Kin-Farmer - slave following the leader’s dream/vision, heart full of HOPE to find home
Order of the Free Miron - serving The Council
love - they know how and when to act, they are proactive and bold
hate - they are running away instead of fighting for the other slaves
I never use cowardly tactics and tricks thus my enemies shall fear my sight
Issue - I want better relationships, love and friendship
Doubt - I’m afraid of getting hurt/enslaved again

Same blood, maybe different declinations… the Helots
Kin focused on TASK :

The ruling class… the Imperium of the Meritor
A faction that wants to remain slaves
Greek-style privately owned slaves

Sisiphos Fighter
Kore Bard
Androkos Cleric
Brasìda Paladin



Tutto ciò è stato appuntato assolutamente alla rinfusa sul gDoc con la Agents Map (che ovviamente al momento era vuota e ignorata). Sono appunti minimali e incomprensibili ad altrui persona, utili solo come memento che poi andrà digerito e riformulato in termini di Mappa, Agenti, etc. Non seguo un metodo nè uno schema, mi limito a scrivere le cose che mi paiono interessanti o che non voglio dimenticare.

Questo, più le mie personali (e confuse) memorie della sessione sono ciò che ha dato origine al resoconto postato nell’altro thread.

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Puoi linkare di nuovo la Agents map? So che l’avevi già fatto in un altro argomento, ma non riesco a trovarlo.

Here you go:

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