Nuova edizione dei corsi di Adept Play

Se vi interessa, Ron ha riproposto People & Play, il suo corso introduttivo, a partire dal 6 Marzo. Ha anche aggiunto qualche commento degli studenti che può far capire il valore che può avere il corso per una persona.

The class brought together many concepts I have been learning about and discussing at Adept Play over the past couple years, holistically and coherently. Chief among them is really clarification on what the medium is; I’ve felt that I’ve understood this fairly well for the last year or so, but have been unable to clearly articulate it to myself when I try to poke holes in it with counter-examples that come from miniature wargaming friends, i.e., what’s the difference between a roleplaying game and “narratively” linking your Warhammer 40,000 games.

Getting that point across in nitpicky conversations is one thing, and ultimately not very important, but being able to really talk about my understanding has made me internalize it on another level, and here’s the kicker: right now I feel like I did in my earliest days in the hobby (“hobby” as “leisure activity”, not “roleplaying industry”), right after my second session of anything ever, when I saw what I said change my character sheet and from there change how others spoke and did things in the game. I left that session with my head on fire. I still remember the sensation: like, this is something. I don’t know what it is, but it’s something, and some of the potential that attracted me to the activity in the first place was fundamentally realized.

I tried to describe the experience to my best friend (a non-gamer) afterward and I had no language for it. He could not understand and I could not transmit. Even after fifteen years of roleplaying I have not acquired much more language for it, until now. I have recaptured an intuitive understanding and made it explicit. In doing so, I have recaptured that initial excitement: this activity is indeed something, something fresh and bizarre and exciting and full of art like my just-graduated-with-an-art-degree-ass felt in that session, and that a subsequent decade mired in the “hobby”, in some important ways, eroded.

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sono 4 lezioni giusto?
sul sito non è molto chiaro.
se l’ha fissato al lunedì (dice che inizia il 6) vuol dire che saranno tutte di lunedì?

Cinque, di lunedì.

se riesco, io sono dentro. Sarebbe bello avere una cordata italiana, con @Osiride almeno e @Matteo_Sciutteri , ma anche @LordPersi .

Dovremo spostare la serata Trollbabe ma ne varrebbe la pena secondo me

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al momento sono in forte ristrettezze economiche, devo vedere se riesco a far spuntare 'sti 100 e rotti euro da qualche parte…

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Io ho preso People and Play.

Seguirò questo trimestre Situation and Story

How does fiction appear, when it wasn’t already there to be told? This course examines the situations of play: what is in them, how they are constructed, and how they change. It provides practical comparisons and experiences based on the whole historical range of the activity, to understand and build individual skills.

In pratica, si focalizza sull’aspetto pratico di costruire situazioni aperte e dove stia la responsabilità del GM in questo. @ranocchio me l’ha raccomandato.

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La responsabilità di tutti.

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